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BiblioGreat lessons from the back of the envelope %109 years 4 months ago
BiblioA linear model of efficiency for Switched-Capacitor RF Power-Amplifiers %109 years 4 months ago
Biblio3-18 GHz compact planar antenna for short-range radar imaging %109 years 4 months ago
StoryCaruso's PhD defence %109 years 11 months ago
BiblioWideband {2–16GHz} local oscillator generation for short-range radar applications %1010 years 3 months ago
Story2013 ESSCIRC presentation %1010 years 8 months ago
BiblioA 65-nm CMOS 1.75-15 GHz Stepped Frequency Radar Receiver for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer %1010 years 8 months ago
BiblioAn Integrated Microwave Imaging Radar With Planar Antennas for Breast Cancer Detection %1010 years 9 months ago
BiblioA K-band SiGe bipolar VCO with transformer-coupled varactor for backhaul links %1010 years 11 months ago
StoryBassi's PhD defence %1010 years 11 months ago
Story2013 ISSCC presentation %1011 years 3 days ago
BiblioA SiGe bipolar VCO for backhaul E-band communication systems %1011 years 1 month ago
BiblioLow-power ultra-Wide-Band Impulse Radio transceivers for short range communications %1011 years 7 months ago
BiblioA 2.7–6.1 GHz CMOS local oscillator based on frequency multiplication by 3/2 %1011 years 8 months ago
BiblioIntegrated SFCW Transceivers for UWB Breast Cancer Imaging: Architectures and Circuit Constraints %1011 years 8 months ago
BiblioAn Analysis of 1/f Noise to Phase Noise Conversion in CMOS Harmonic Oscillators %1011 years 8 months ago
BiblioA X-Band I/Q Upconverter in 65 nm CMOS for High Resolution FMCW Radars %1011 years 11 months ago
BiblioA 3.4-7 GHz Transformer-Based Dual-mode Wideband VCO %1012 years 3 weeks ago
BiblioA 2.7-6.1GHz CMOS local oscillator based on frequency multiplication by 3/2 %1012 years 1 month ago
BiblioPhase Noise Analysis of the Tuned-Input-Tuned-Output (TITO) Oscillator %1012 years 1 month ago
BiblioA 5 Mb/s UWB-IR Transceiver Front-End for Wireless Sensor Networks in 0.13um CMOS %1012 years 1 month ago
BiblioOn the bias noise to phase noise conversion in harmonic oscillators using Groszkowski theory %1012 years 4 months ago
BiblioTime-variant analysis and design of a power efficient ISM-band quadrature receiver %1012 years 10 months ago
PageHigh Resolution Radars %1012 years 10 months ago
PageUltra Low Power Radios %1012 years 10 months ago