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BiblioA quad-core 15GHz BiCMOS VCO with -124dBc/Hz phase noise at 1MHz offset, -189dBc/Hz FOM, and robust to multimode concurrent oscillations %105 years 10 months ago
BiblioOn the Remarkable Performance of the Series-Resonance CMOS Oscillator %106 years 4 weeks ago
BiblioClass-AB and class-J 22 dBm SiGe HBT PAs for X-band radar systems %106 years 3 months ago
BiblioA 21GHz 20.5%-tuning range Colpitts VCO with -119 dBc/Hz phase noise at 1MHz offset %106 years 3 months ago
BiblioA 1.1V 28.6dBm fully integrated digital power amplifier for mobile and wireless applications in 28nm CMOS technology with 35% PAE %106 years 9 months ago
BiblioOptimal DWA design in scaled CMOS technologies for mismatch cancellation in multibit ΣΔ ADCs %107 years 2 days ago
BiblioA reduced hardware complexity data-weighted averaging algorithm with no tonal behavior %107 years 2 days ago
BiblioA Symbol-Duty-Cycled 440-pJ/b Impulse Radio Receiver With 0.57-aJ Sensitivity in 130-nm CMOS %107 years 2 days ago
BiblioAnalysis and design of power and efficiency in third-order matching networks for switched-capacitor power-amplifiers %107 years 3 months ago
BiblioA 15.5-39GHz BiCMOS VGA with phase shift compensation for 5G mobile communication transceivers %107 years 3 months ago
BiblioStep-Up DC-DC converters combining basic topologies with charge pump %107 years 3 months ago
BiblioSiGe BiCMOS VCO with 27% tuning range for 5G communications %107 years 11 months ago
BiblioAnalysis and design of a 1.1dB-IL third-order Matching Network for Switched-Capacitor PAs %108 years 3 weeks ago
BiblioA symbol-duty-cycled 440 pJ/b impulse radio receiver with 0.57 aJ sensitivity in 130 nm CMOS %108 years 1 month ago
BiblioA 12GHz 22dB-gain-control SiGe bipolar VGA with 2° phase shift variation %108 years 1 month ago
BiblioOn the Phase Noise Performance of Transformer-Based CMOS Differential-Pair Harmonic Oscillators %108 years 6 months ago
BiblioCMOS UWB Transceivers for Short-Range Microwave Medical Imaging %108 years 8 months ago
BiblioA 40-67 GHz Power Amplifier With 13 dBm PSAT and 16% PAE in 28 nm CMOS LP %108 years 8 months ago
BiblioEnergy-efficient ultra-wideband impulse radios for short-range low-data rate communications %108 years 11 months ago
BiblioA 2-16 GHz 65 nm CMOS Stepped-Frequency Radar Transmitter With Harmonic Rejection for High-Resolution Medical Imaging Applications %109 years 2 weeks ago
BiblioDesign of Low-Noise K -Band SiGe Bipolar VCOs: Theory and Implementation %109 years 2 weeks ago
PageLaboratorio di Progettazione di Circuiti Integrati (Lab. CAD) %109 years 3 weeks ago
BiblioA 40-67GHz power amplifier with 13dBm PSAT and 16% PAE in 28 nm CMOS LP %109 years 2 months ago
BiblioA 20Mb/s, 2.76 pJ/b UWB impulse radio TX with 11.7% efficiency in 130 nm CMOS %109 years 2 months ago
BiblioAn X-Band Lumped-Element Wilkinson Combiner With Embedded Impedance Transformation %109 years 4 months ago