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BiblioA 10.7–14.1 GHz Reconfigurable Octacore DCO with −126 dBc/Hz Phase Noise at 1 MHz offset in 28 nm CMOS %102 years 5 months ago
BiblioDoubly-Tuned Transformer Networks: A Tutorial %102 years 11 months ago
BiblioFundamentals of Integrated Transformers: From Principles to Applications %103 years 3 months ago
BiblioOptimized Driver Design for Integrated Reconfigurable Switched Capacitor Converters %103 years 4 months ago
BiblioA 19.5-GHz 28-nm Class-C CMOS VCO, With a Reasonably Rigorous Result on 1/f Noise Upconversion Caused by Short-Channel Effects %103 years 5 months ago
BiblioAnalysis and Design of a 17-GHz All-npn Push-Pull Class-C VCO %103 years 5 months ago
BiblioA Reconfigurable Switched Capacitor DC–DC Converter With 1.9–6.3-V Input Voltage Range and 85% Peak Efficiency in 28-nm CMOS %103 years 5 months ago
BiblioA 28-GHz Stacked Power Amplifier with 20.7-dBm Output P1dB in 28-nm Bulk CMOS %103 years 5 months ago
BiblioA 17 GHz All-npn Push-Pull Class-C VCO %104 years 3 weeks ago
BiblioA 114-126 GHz Frequency Quintupler with >36 dBc Harmonic Rejection in 0.13 μm SiGe BiCMOS %104 years 3 weeks ago
BiblioGlobal Optimization of Reconfigurable Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converters %104 years 1 month ago
BiblioA 130-nm CMOS Dual Input-Polarity DC–DC Converter for Low-Power Applications %104 years 1 month ago
BiblioA 39-GHz Frequency Tripler With >40-dBc Harmonic Rejection for 5G Communication Systems in 28-nm Bulk CMOS %104 years 1 month ago
BiblioA 19.5 GHz 28 nm CMOS Class-C VCO with Reduced 1/f Noise Upconversion %104 years 1 month ago
BiblioUWB Radar for High Resolution Breast Cancer Scanning: System, Architectures, and Challenges %104 years 1 month ago
BiblioConsiderations on 120GHz LO Signal Generation and Distribution for Highly-Integrated Multi-Channel Radar Transceivers %104 years 1 month ago
BiblioA Novel Integrated Step-Up Hybrid Converter With Wide Conversion Ratio %104 years 1 month ago
BiblioA 18.2-29.3 GHz Colpitts VCOs bank with -119.5 dBc/Hz Phase Noise at 1 MHz Offset for 5G Communications %104 years 6 months ago
BiblioA Multi-Phase Self-Reconfigurable Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Step-Up Converter Integrated in CMOS Technology %104 years 9 months ago
BiblioA 28nm Low-Voltage Digital Power-Amplifier for QAM-256 WIFI Applications in 0.5mm2 Area w/ 2D Digital-Pre-Distortion and Package Combiner %105 years 1 month ago
BiblioNon-isolated High Step-up DC-DC Converter with Minimum Switch Voltage Stress %105 years 2 months ago
BiblioSecond-Order Equivalent Circuits for the Design of Doubly-Tuned Transformer Matching Networks %105 years 3 months ago
BiblioClass-J SiGe X-Band Power Amplifier Using a Ladder Filter-Based AM-PM Distortion Reduction Technique %105 years 3 months ago
BiblioOn the Optimal Operation Frequency to Minimize Phase Noise in Integrated Harmonic Oscillators %105 years 9 months ago
BiblioNon-isolated high step-up DC-DC converter with minimum switch voltage stress %105 years 10 months ago