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BiblioAnalysis and Design of Reactive Passive Mixers for High-Order Modulation IoT Cartesian Transmitters %101 week 6 days ago
BiblioOn the Benefits of the Common-Mode Resonance On the 1/f2 Phase Noise Sideband %102 months 4 days ago
BiblioAnalysis and Design of Coupled PLL-Based CMOS Quadrature VCOs %103 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioA Reactive Passive Mixer for 16-QAM Cartesian IoT Transmitters in 22 nm FD-SOI CMOS %109 months 1 week ago
BiblioA Time-Variant Analysis of Passive Resistive Mixers Using Thevenin Theorem %1010 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioOn the Design Challenges of Class-C Oscillators in Ultra-Scaled CMOS Technologies %1010 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioA 72-fs-Total-Integrated-Jitter Two-Core Fractional-N Digital PLL With Digital Period Averaging Calibration on Frequency Quadrupler and True-in-Phase Combiner %101 year 2 months ago
BiblioA Compensation and Calibration Technique for Lumped Hybrid Couplers in Integrated Image-Reject Architectures %101 year 3 months ago
BiblioA 24 GHz Quadrature VCO Based on Coupled PLL with -134 dBc/Hz Phase Noise at 10 MHz Offset in 28 nm CMOS %101 year 7 months ago
BiblioGalvanic-Coupled Trans-Dural Data Transfer for High-Bandwidth Intracortical Neural Sensing %101 year 7 months ago
BiblioA Fractional-N Bang-Bang PLL Based on Type-II Gear Shifting and Adaptive Frequency Switching Achieving 68.6 fs-rms-Total-Integrated-Jitter and 1.56 μ s-Locking-Time %101 year 7 months ago
BiblioDesign implementation and test results of the RD53A, a 65 nm large scale chip for next generation pixel detectors at the HL-LHC %101 year 8 months ago
BiblioGaN RF HEMT Reliability: Impact of Device Processing on I-V Curve Stability and Current Collapse %101 year 8 months ago
BiblioAnalysis and Design of a Fully-Integrated Pulsed LiDAR Driver in 100V-GaN IC Technology %101 year 8 months ago
BiblioA 13.56 MHz Reconfigurable Step-Up Switched Capacitor Converter for Wireless Power Transfer System in Implantable Medical Devices %101 year 8 months ago
BiblioDemonstration of UV-Induced Threshold Voltage Instabilities in Vertical GaN Nanowire Array-Based Transistors %101 year 8 months ago
BiblioA 12-GHz Reconfigurable Multicore CMOS DCO, With a Time-Variant Analysis of the Impact of Reconfiguration Switches on Phase Noise %101 year 8 months ago
BiblioCompact Modeling of Nonideal Trapping/Detrapping Processes in GaN Power Devices %101 year 10 months ago
BiblioA Broadband 22-31-GHz Bidirectional Image-Reject Up/Down Converter Module in 28-nm CMOS for 5G Communications %101 year 10 months ago
BiblioA 9GHz 72fs-Total-lntegrated-Jitter Fractional-N Digital PLL with Calibrated Frequency Quadrupler %102 years 19 hours ago
BiblioA 68.6fs_rms-Total-integrated-Jitter and 1.5μs-LocKing-Time Fractional-N Bang-Bang PLL Based on Type-II Gear Shifting and Adaptive Frequency Switching %102 years 1 month ago
BiblioA 22–31 GHz Bidirectional 5G Transceiver Front-End in 28 nm CMOS %102 years 6 months ago
BiblioA 20-GHz Class-C VCO With 80-GHz Fourth-Harmonic Output in 28-nm CMOS %102 years 7 months ago
BiblioA Fully Integrated 28 GHz Class-J Doherty Power Amplifier in 130 nm BiCMOS %102 years 7 months ago
BiblioHarmonic Oscillators in CMOS—A Tutorial Overview %102 years 8 months ago