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Chip Gallery

2016: 15.5–39GHz BiCMOS VGA with Phase Shift Compensation
2015: 12 GHz 22 dB-Gain-Control Bipolar VGA with 2° Phase Shift Variation
2014: X-Band Lumped-Element Wilkinson Combiner with Embedded Impedance Transformation
2012: Stepped-Frequency Continuos-Wave Transceiver Front-End for UWB Breast Cancer Diagnostic Imaging in 65nm CMOS
2012: A K-band SiGe Bipolar VCO with Transformer-Coupled Varactor for Backhaul Links
2011: Stepped-Frequency Continuos-Wave Receiver for UWB Breast Cancer Imaging in 65nm CMOS
2010: Ultra low power UWB impulse radio CMOS transceiver front-end
2010: inductorless CMOS injection-locked frequency divider with 3-octave locking range
2009: small footprint CMOS VCO for the GSM standard
2008: fast hopping injection-locked CMOS UWB frequency generator
2007: 3-5 GHz CMOS UWB receiver front-end with integrated notch filter
2006: transformer-based dual-mode 3.4-7 GHz CMOS VCO
2004: world's first 3-10 GHz CMOS ultrawideband LNA